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Our support is Human. You'll never have to deal with 'bots' or automated systems. LiveDDM has you covered.

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LiveDDM allows your office to go paperless with its comprehensive charting abilities.

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Make more efficient use of your time by leveraging the power of LiveDDM in your Dental Practice

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LiveDDM has your back when it comes to your practice data. Our commercial grade data platform has you covered today and tomorrow.

About Us

Since 1999, LiveDDM has been one of Canada’s leading providers of dental practice management and electronic charting software. We deliver software and services that dental professionals need to manage their practices efficiently.

We continually consult and connect with our users to improve our products to meet the ever expanding needs of the dental industry. Over the years, individuals and organizations have come to rely on LiveDDM to do more, and to get more out of dental software.

Headquartered in Sutton, Ontario, Canada, we serve the dental community with great products, exceptional service and an ongoing commitment to software excellence.

Why chooseLiveDDM?

It's worth the switch. See an immediate return on investment due to refined dental-centric systems established by our clients from over 20 years of use. Take your office to the next level using LiveDDM to leverage the power of a completely digital system.

  • Integrated Payroll Reports

    Fee splitting, hourly (with built-in punch clock), associate payments based on codes that are all built into our payroll system.

  • Maintaining your recall system is easy using the to do list. Planned appointments with call history and target dates simplifies and organizes the office patient base with when and who should be called daily.The to do list tracks incoming lab cases, patients who wish to move their appointment times to those hard to find spots in your schedule and any incomplete notes, invoices and appointments that have been left incomplete.

  • LiveDDM can bridge to a variety of dental imaging packages and other software. Contact us with your Bridging questions today.

  • Three different views: Day, Week or Provider views to allow you to find appointments faster.

  • Keep providers up to date with instant messages delivered right to their terminal. Let them know if patients are late or if they are needed in another clinical room.

  • LiveDDM uses a role based security system that allows Administrators to fine tune the rights of every user in the system. User's have unique credentials and strong passwords that allow major actions, such as deleting appointments, to be fully tracked and audited.

  • We go above and beyond to ensure that LiveDDM is running as smoothly as possible in your Practice. When software problems arise, we are with you every step of the way until your issues are resolved.


We offer a comprehensive set of services that go beyond just providing software. We strive to break free of the industry standard "bot culture" to offer our customers real, human support and services that go beyond expectations.

Human Support

At LiveDDM our Support Agents are not only real but they have prior work experience in the Dental industry. You won't waste time trying to get us to understand you. We speak Dental.

Live Training

Invest in the growth of your practice by continuing to increase your knowledge in the software. LiveDDM Training Programs offer options that will best suite the needs of your Practice. Whether its learning the Advanced Features for your Office Manager, Recall Management for your Front Desk, or to teach your Dental Team the fundamentals.

Conversion Services

We have a ton of experience converting existing Practice Management Systems to LiveDDM and we understand the investment your practice has in it's existing data. We also understand that converting can be stressful on you and your team. Our engineers will work with you to create the most transparent conversion possible. We are always upfront with the process and ensure that expectations are set before you commit.

How to Purchase

Interested in purchasing LiveDDM or Training? Please contact our Sales Specialists to discuss a plan that works best for you and your office.

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