Keep What's Yours

Thinking of switching to LiveDDM? Maximize the investment in your existing Practice Management System by letting us help you convert existing data to LiveDDM.

  • How does it work?

    Every conversion starts with a comprehensive analysis of your existing Practice Management System. This allows us to determine the amount of data that we can harvest from the source system.

    Next, we will present you with a conversion plan that works according to your busy schedule. We try to minimize down time at your office by performing the bulk of the work after hours.

    Before we begin you will be presented with a time line and detailed break down of the costs associated with the conversion. This allows you to make desissions that make sense for your practice. For example, you may choose to use idle staff for manual data entry in some cases to eliminate or reduce costs.

  • Simply contact us today to get the ball rolling. Our initial analysis is done with no upfront cost or comittment.

    We are often able to determine the feasability of a conversion within just a few business days.