Training Options

Invest in the growth of your practice by continuing to increase your knowledge in the software. LiveDDM Training Programs offer options that will best suite the needs of your Practice. Whether its learning the Advanced Features for your Office Manager, Recall Management for your Front Desk, or to teach your Dental Team the fundamentals.

  • New Office Training

    This training program is for New Offices that have no existing patient list. We recommend a total of 16 training hours broken into 4 hour intervals (max). Some of the training points your staff will benefit from include:

    • Introduction to the LiveDDM interface
    • Office Setup (Office Information, Dental Team, Security)
    • Patient Management
    • Insurance Management
    • Appointment Management
    • Invoicing
    • Charting
    • Clinical & Clerical Notes
    • Reporting

    After several months of daily use with LiveDDM, it is recommended that your office book an Advanced Training session in order to enhance skills and ensure that LiveDDM is being used as effeciently as possibe.

  • Already using LiveDDM but need to boost your LiveDDM knowledge? The Existing Office training program is perfect for you. Some features of this program include:

    • Book in smaller time increments that work for you (i.e.: 2 or 4 hours)
    • Pick the subjects that mattter most to you such as Appointment Management or Reporting
    • Choose to focus on a single subject such as Invoicing
  • Whether you are new to LiveDDM or have been using it for a while, there is always the opportunity to learn more. Advanced Training can teach you the additional features that you may have forgotten, or never had the chance to learn originally. This program is great for Office Managers, Hygiene Coordinators, or other staff looking to get the most out of LiveDDM. You can aim to increase your skills on:

    • To Do List
    • Treatment Planning
    • Recall Management

    Advanced Training also includes a User Knowledge Checkup to ensure your Dental Team is using LiveDDM as effeciently as possible.

Remote Training

All of our Training Programs are conveniently instructed remotely using the latest on-line confrencing technlogy.

Remote learning is convenient and effecient as there is minimal setup required to get going. All you need is a computer or tablet with:

  • A high-speed Internet connection
  • A connection to a reasonably large screen (if learning in a group)
  • Speakers & Microphone

Your staff can learn in a group setting from your office or participate from another location as long as their setup meets the requirements above.