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Training Packages

Invest in the growth of your practice by continuing to increase your staff’s knowledge in the software. LiveDDM training packages offer options that will best suite your needs each time Whether its learning the advanced features for your office manager, recall management for your front desk, or teach a new staff member the basics.

New Office Training Options

New Offices (with no existing patient list) When starting from scratch with a small staff, or fewer days booked with patients, we can modify the training hours and extend them over the first year your practice is open. We recommend a total of 16 hours divided into 4-6 hour increments. Booking the first 4-8 hours will give you and your new staff the basic which include:

  • Office set up (schedules,dental team, security settings)
  • Introduction to LiveDDM’s icons and windows
  • Patient entry
  • Insurance set up
  • Booking appointments
  • Invoicing
  • Charting
  • Progress notes
  • Day end reporting features

After 6-9 months of daily use with the system, ideally your office should book the additional training time to enhance the teams skills and knowledge with the features of LiveDDM (see Advanced Training section for more information).

Existing Office

We recommend your office take part in the total 16 hours of training prior to your ‘GO Live’ day. Booked in 4-hour increments, your staff will have more in depth basic training in addition to:

  • balance forward invoices
  • A/R reports
  • booked and planned appointment management
  • Clerical & Clinical notes

Depending on your office needs, your trainer may recommend that the office is divided during training to ensure a smooth clear session with each department (for example, clerical team and clinical team). After 9 -12 months we recommend a review session to ensure the staff is utilizing the software to it’s fullest.

Advanced Office Training

Whether you are new to LiveDDM or have been using it for a while, there is always something to learn. Advanced training can give you the additional features you may have forgotten, or didn't get a chance to learn originally. Advanced training is great for Office Managers, Hygiene Coordinators, or any staff looking at getting the most out of the software. You can increase your skills on:

  • To Do List
  • Treatment planning
  • Recall management
  • Fine tune current knowledge to ensure proper use

Three Ways To Train You

Understanding that you can only absorb so much information at a time, LiveDDM offers training in many different ways: By contacting the training department, we can assist you in chossing the best option for you

LiveDDM Training Centre

LiveDDM training centre is available for clients to learn in a classroom setting. This option is best suited for the following scenarios:

  • New offices still under construction
  • New staff members who require one on one training
  • A large group but insufficient room in the office.

In Your Office

One of our trainers will come to your office. We can provide a projector and training database to enhance your session.

  • Office located a further distance from LiveDDM Head Office
  • More than 4 staff requiring the same type of training
  • Adequate space and un-interrupted time

Internet Training

This option allows your staff to sit in the comfort of their homes or workplace and learn online with one of our trainers. This scenario works best:

  • One on one training
  • Specific features ie: to do list, treatment plans
  • Less than 4hr time frame to accommodate un-interrupted session