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Choosing and Building Your Team


  • Use the right team member to conduct the interview
  • The screening process, from resumes to the interview to the practicals
  • Finding the right personality for the team as well as the right skill set
  • Working with existing team members to bolster their contributions
  • Solidify your interview process with insightful interview skills

Hiring the right people for your team can be one of the most draining, time consuming tasks you’ll encounter in your office. What questions do you ask to get the most out of the interview process? How do you know this is the RIGHT person? Now that you have them hired, what’s next? Is it all about them proving themselves to you and your team or do you have some responsibility to ensure their success? The LiveAdvisor professionals work with your hiring personnel to give them tips and guidance during about this process. It’s critical for you to know what kind of worker the person you are interviewing is and how they will fit into your team. LiveAdvisor can help by working with you to create a structured interview process that yields insightful results. We’ll show you how to review and screen potential candidates, create career opportunities that will draw in the people with the right skill sets and how to encourage existing team members who have the potential to step up their game.