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"We have used LiveDDM in our three practices for many years now and find the software to be very user-friendly. The regular updates and the friendly, patient and knowledgeable support staff are truly a pleasure to work with at LiveDDM." Lois Saunders,
Family Dental Centre

This product works on: WindowsXP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008

It's worth the switch. See an immediate return on investment due to refined dental-centric systems established by dental offices, not computer programmers. Take your office to the next level using LiveChart and LiveDDM together to leverage the power of a completely digital system.

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Family Management

Add family members or remove them without the need for creating new accounts and deactivating old ones.

To Do List

Maintaining your recall system is easy using the to do list. Planned appointments with call history and target dates simplifies and organizes the office patient base with when and who should be called daily.The to do list tracks incoming lab cases, patients who wish to move their appointment times to those hard to find spots in your schedule and any incomplete notes, invoices and appointments that have been left incomplete.

Integrated Payroll Reports

Fee splitting, hourly (with built-in punch clock), associate payments based on codes that are all built into our payroll system.

Flexible Scheduler

Three different views: Daysheet, weekly, and by provider to allow finding appointment times faster

ITRANS Integration

Lightening fast insurance submissions and comprehensive support if something goes away


From booking office holidays to sending bulk emails/letters to your patients is simple following the steps of the wizard. Being able to enter bulk cheques from insurance companies with ease attaching full or partial payments to patient invoices with step by step instructions.

Bridges With 3rd Party Software

LiveDDM can bridge to a variety of dental imaging packages and other software. See bridges in our app section for more information.

Instant Terminal Messaging

Keep providers up to date with instant messages delivered right to their terminal. Let them know if patients are late or if they are needed in another clinical room.

Login and Password Security With an Audit Trail

Every team member has a unique login and password and an audit trail gets created as they do things within LiveDDM

Patient Window
ToDo List
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