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  • No more time wasted pulling charts every day
  • No more ruined, misfiled or lost charts
  • No more missing pieces from charts
  • Sharing of charts simultaneously
  • Drag and drop progress notes
  • Perio comparisons
  • Digital patient record
  • Patient education
This product works on: WindowsXP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008

Signature Pad Integration

Have patients sign their medical and dental history forms digitally using TOPAZ forensic-level signature pad technlogy and LiveChart. Integrates into LiveChart and Microsoft Word for custom forms that can be signed and stored inside of LiveChart.

Huge Time Saver

No more time wasted on pulling charts or searching for lost charts--a patient’s chart is at your finger tips. You can also view a patient’s chart even if it is being viewed by someone else, simultaneously!

Stunning 3D Rendered Graphics

Great to use for patient education. Our charting odontogram interface is a pleasure to share with patients to educate them on the conditions of their mouth.

Finger Print Authentication

Sign progress notes with the swipe of a finger. Use fingerprints with the LiveDDM punch clock to streamline tracking hourly wages.

Innovative Surface Selector Design

Apply conditions quickly to one or multiple teeth, quickly and easily using our fresh innovative interface.

Completed Treatment
Patient Record
Perio Evaluation
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LiveDDM is the most progressive, leading-edge dental data management package available on the market today.

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