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Happiness-Centred Practice


  • Enhance the team’s communication skills with the common goal of making patients and the practice the focus of all activity
  • Learn how to capitalize on team abilities and personalities.
  • Eliminate detrimental and negative influences in your team by keeping them motivated and focused on the ultimate goal: patient care.

LiveAdvisor designs team building skills tailored to work with your office. We understand that while the industry is the same, every office has staff with different personality traits, learning and responding in very different ways. The challenge is to not lose the message in the delivery. Communication goes well beyond the words that you say. The language, body and facial expression dictate the way a message is received and even different from person to person. Team building is critical to creating a happiness-centred practice. These strategies can be as simple as increasing the communication in your office or defining roles and expectations, eliminating the responsibility “grey areas” or holes. Leadership and key personnel that help motivate and guide others will benefit your office’s end result. LiveAdvisor will help identify these key people and work with them to increase their skill set. Your team will understand how critical they can be to assisting in generating an enjoyable workplace.

When your office works together and functions as a well-managed, highly motivated team, your business has the opportunity to succeed at an entirely new performance level. Increasing your overall production while you enjoy the process. This is our fundamental goal in this regard.