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  • Gives you the tools to switch from assignment to non-assignment, drastically reducing your a/r
  • Use LiveDDM to track expenses and eliminate unnecessary expenses
  • Carefully monitor your inventory to determine the office needs to avoid over stocking and wasted product as well as storage costs
  • Use LiveDDM to attack your a/r efficiently
  • Use LiveDDM to control future ‘problem patients' from being booked again until their a/r is dealt with

Every day, your office requires product, material and equipment to run and provide profitable services to your patients. Ensuring that these expenses are kept to a minimum contribute a large part to how profitable your business is. Bulk purchases, supply inventory (which may be overstocked, or perhaps even thrown away due to expiry dates) need to be monitored and accounted for regularly. What comes in to the office and what goes out? Is it being tracked efficiently? What reports are best to check and, who should have access to these reports? LiveAdvisor, working with LiveDDM gives you the tools to significantly decrease your expenses as well as monitor and track your purchases.

Have you been thinking about changing your office from assignment to non-assignment for your patient base? LiveAdvisor’s experts will work with your administration team to give them the tools necessary to make this switch as stress free as possible for not only your patients but also your staff.