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  • Tight integration between our technology, your team and your patients
  • Combat cancelled appointments and no-shows
  • Increase new bookings using LiveDDM’s To-Do list at an advanced level
  • Team members become empowered to directly contribute to office’s daily production
  • Patients benefit from a greater level of care
  • Staff become expert users of the technology around them

The LiveAdvisor program is designed to empower your administrative team with the focus, training and accountability required to achieve the consistant results that your practice demands. We provide the necessary tools, with encouragement and motivation. Our system experts will work with your team closely, increasing their confidence when interacting with patients. The program will also help raise productivity and efficiency through confirmations, bookings and communication with your patients. You will finally take full control of your office in critical areas such as account receivables and bookings.

LiveAdvisor interacts and works with your clerical team while they assist your patients, helping them each step of the way. Your team will become experts on managing the information in LiveDDM as well as how it is communicated throughout the office. With such tight integration between our technology, your team and your patients, you will see an increase in bookings, a decrease in cancellations / no-show appointments and an overall boost in production. Your front desk staff will be happier, more productive and knowledgeable and be able to provide a higher level of care to your patients.